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Vt. US Sen. Sanders against Social Security cuts (Boston Globe)

By Dave Gram BURLINGTON, Vt. (AP) — U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders said Monday he would rather tax cuts expire next year as scheduled than see Democrats agree to spending cuts to Social Security and other programs relied on by low- and moderate-income Americans. The left-leaning independent who caucuses with Democrats said he hoped President Barack […]

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Romney’s wrong economic answers (Editorial by Sen. Sanders)

September 5, 2012

By Senator Bernie Sanders Given Mitt Romney’s business record as an outsourcer and tax avoider, and his desire to continue the failed economic policies of George W. Bush, President Obama should be 20 points ahead in the polls right now, not struggling to stay even. At a time when the wealthiest people are doing phenomenally well, Romney’s plan to […]

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News Update: Social Security Turns 77

August 16, 2012

“In the 77 years since President Franklin Roosevelt signed Social Security into law on August 14, 1935, the retirement program has been one of the nation’s most successful anti-poverty programs. Before Social Security existed, about half of America’s senior citizens lived in poverty. Today, less than 10 percent live in poverty.”

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Experts: Contrary to Mainstream Myth, ‘Social Security is Strong’ and Could Be Made Stronger (Common Dreams)

April 24, 2012

The Social Security trust fund is in strong financial standing and the overall program could be further strengthened, say experts and lawmakers, with a simple increase of the current payroll tax cap which is currently set at $110,000. The trustee’s annual financial report was released on Monday. Most mainstream news and media outlets reported the […]

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Sanders voted against payroll tax cut (WCAX)

February 20, 2012

By Kyle Midura BURLINGTON, Vt. – Late last week Congress extended unemployment benefits and a payroll tax cut. Government estimates indicate the move should benefit about 170 million Americans and mean about a 1-thousand dollar boost in their take-home pay. Vermont’s delegation split on the matter, with Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) voting for the bill, […]

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Vermont delegation divided on extension of payroll tax holiday (Burlington Free Press)

February 17, 2012

By Nicole Gaudiano WASHINGTON – Vermont’s congressional lawmakers split their votes Friday on legislation extending a payroll tax cut, with Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy voting for the measure and independent Sen. Bernie Sanders and Democratic Rep. Peter Welch voting against it. The Senate approved the legislation 60-36 following approval in the House on a 293-132 […]

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Congress Extends Payroll Tax Holiday, Sends Bill to President (ABC News)

By John Parkinson & Sunlen Miller After months of negotiations, Congress finally approved a comprehensive package to extend the Social Security payroll tax credit, unemployment insurance and the Doc Fix for Medicare doctors through the end of the year, delivering the bipartisan agreement to the president for his signature Friday with less than two weeks […]

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