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Romney’s Policies a Disaster (CNN)

October 4, 2012

On CNN, Bernie talks about President Obama’s recent debate performance

“The truth of the matter is, Mitt Romney right now is the head of a right-wing extremist party called the Republican Party. And if the president cannot differentiate himself clearly from right-wing extremism, we have a lot of problems as a nation and he has a lot of problems as a candidate running for re-election.”

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Romney’s wrong economic answers (Editorial by Sen. Sanders)

September 5, 2012

By Senator Bernie Sanders Given Mitt Romney’s business record as an outsourcer and tax avoider, and his desire to continue the failed economic policies of George W. Bush, President Obama should be 20 points ahead in the polls right now, not struggling to stay even. At a time when the wealthiest people are doing phenomenally well, Romney’s plan to […]

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Obama calls Romney speech ‘cow pie of distortion’ (MSNBC)

May 25, 2012

Bernie & MSNBC’s Ed Schultz talk about Mitt Romney’s economic “plan.”

“What Romney’s economics is about is ‘trickle-down’ economic theory. That’s what George W. Bush practiced for 8 years & we lost during that time 600,000 jobs, median income went down, the rich got richer, & poverty increased.”

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The Early Word: Effect (New York Times The Caucus Blog)

May 10, 2012

By Ashley Southall It was the pressure of rapidly building speculation that led President Obama to announce publicly on Wednesday that he supports same-sex marriage, but the political impact is a wild card, since Mr. Obama’s re-election prospects in November will still hinge on the economy’s performance, Jackie Calmes and Peter Baker write. Mr. Obama’s […]

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New jobs added but not enough to satisfy GOP (MSNBC)

April 6, 2012

Bernie joins Ed Schultz on MSNBC to talk about Republican obstructionism on the economy.

“If you’re asking me, are the Republicans prepared to do whatever they can to torpedo the economy in order to defeat Obama, I think the answer is pretty clear. They have shown that time and time again.”

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