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Sanders fights for more funding for seniors (WCAX)

January 27, 2012

Sen. Bernie Sanders is fighting for more federal funding for senior citizens. America’s population is rapidly aging with 10,000 people turning 65 every day. Sanders introduced a bill that will reauthorize the Older Americans Act which supports programs like Meals on Wheels. Sanders says many senior centers no longer have the resources to meet the […]

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This Week in Poverty: State of the Union, State of Florida (The Nation)

By Greg Kaufmann Say it with me now—“Poverty.” Maybe even three times—“poverty, poverty, poverty.” Excellent. Why’s that so important? Because for a record 46 million Americans, including 22 percent of all children, that’s what they are living in—less than $22,300 annually for a family of four. Yet in a sixty-five-minute address describing the state of […]

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Audio: Sanders Articulates Priorities During Break (VPR’s Vermont Edition)

January 9, 2012

While Congress is on winter break, members of Vermont’s congressional delegation have been traveling the state and making their views on specific issues known. Monday on Vermont Edition, we talk with Senator Bernie Sanders about the priorities issues he’s working on, including renewal of the Older Americans Act, federal funding for low-income heating programs, and […]

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Sanders To Sponsor Older Americans Act (VPR News)

By Patti Daniels (Host) Senator Bernie Sanders is sponsoring the re-authorization of the Older Americans Act.  The legislation, which was originally enacted in 1965, supports programs that help senior citizens remain independent and in their homes and communities. Among the nutrition programs funded by the Older Americans Act is Meals on Wheels. But Sanders says […]

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