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A Supreme Mistake

April 10, 2014

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Fight for Democracy

Sen. Sanders talks with Democracy Now! about the Supreme Court’s decision in McCutcheon v. FEC.

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Sen. Bernie Sanders: Supreme Court Undermines Democracy by Allowing Billionaires to “Buy Elections”

April 7, 2014

As the 2014 election season gets underway, the Supreme Court has struck down a long-standing limit on how much donors can give to federal candidates, political parties and political action committees in a two-year election cycle. Without any aggregate limit, a donor can now give millions directly to candidates and parties. The 5-to-4 decision in […]

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‘Horrible’ Supreme Court Ruling, Sanders Says

By Bob Kinzel and Patti Daniels Vermont Public Radio News “They are dead wrong,” Sen. Bernie Sanders said about the Supreme Court’s decision on Wednesday that struck down a major provision of the nation’s campaign finance law. By a 5-to-4 vote, the justices removed the cap on the total amount of money that donors can contribute to […]

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Democracy vs. Oligarchy

April 1, 2014

Check out U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders’ recent op-ed for The Huffington Post entitled “Democracy vs. Oligarchy”. In it Bernie writes:

“Clearly, if we are to retain the fundamentals of American democracy, we need to overturn the (Citizens United) Supreme Court decision.”

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Taxing Carbon Emissions (MSNBC)

March 11, 2014

Watch U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and Ronan Farrow discuss campaign finance reform and climate change.

“What we are trying to do now is to make the American people aware that the debate about climate change really is over. That the scientific community is virtually unanimous in agreeing that climate change is real, that it is caused by human activity, and that it is already causing devastating problems in the United States and around the world.”

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Iran Amendment Would Torpedo Veterans’ Bill (CNN)

February 27, 2014

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders has introduced the most comprehensive veterans’ legislation in decades. However, Republican attempts to attach Iran sanctions now threaten to undermine the bill.

In an interview on CNN, Bernie called these attempts, “a means to torpedo what is such an important piece of legislation for millions of our veterans.” He went on to call the attempt at sanctions, “silly partisan politics.”

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Saving the U.S. Postal Service

February 14, 2014

Bernie Sanders has 29 co-sponsors on his legislation to save the U.S. Postal Service. Watch Bernie’s recent interview with Ed Schultz on MSNBC where they discuss Bernie’s legislation and how this could save tens of thousands of middle class jobs.

In the interview Bernie said, “In the midst of an economic recession…you don’t cut tens of thousands of good paying jobs. Our job is to grow middle class jobs, not to cut them.”

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Emergency agenda for US (The Hill)

February 3, 2014

        By Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) The problems facing our country are monumental. Tragically, Congress is dysfunctional, and more and more Americans are giving up on the political process. The people are hurting. They look to Washington for help. Nothing is happening. On Tuesday, the president will give one of the most […]

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Raising the Minimum Wage

Watch Bernie and Ed Schultz discuss how the president’s executive action to raise the minimum wage for employees of federal contractors to $10.10 an hour is impacting the fight over income and wealth inequality.

“I want to give (the president) credit for doing the right thing…. That will impact about 250,000 people, and … it gives us some momentum in the fight to raise the minimum wage for all workers in this country.”

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