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The Jobs Added In Today’s Economy Pay A Quarter Less Than The Ones We Lost In The Recession

August 20, 2014

By Bryce Covert: The jobs that have been added to the economy during the recovery pay 23 percent less, on average, than those that were lost in the recession, according to a report from The U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM). Continue reading here.

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Corporate Tax Dodgers

July 28, 2014

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July 17, 2014

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Protecting American Democracy

July 15, 2014

Sen. Bernie Sanders talks with MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow about the impact of big money on our democracy.

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Could A Socialist Senator Become A National Brand?

July 10, 2014

By Ailsa Chang National Public Radio As members of Congress continue hammering out a bill to improve the Department of Veterans Affairs’ beleaguered health care system, attention has focused on one man leading the charge: Bernie Sanders, Independent senator from Vermont and a self-described socialist. Sanders barely got 2 percent of the vote when he […]

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The Cause of High Gas Prices

July 7, 2014

Sen. Sanders talks with MSNBC’s Ed Schultz about the real cause of high gas prices.

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Senator Bernie Sanders Speaks to Receptive Crowd

June 30, 2014

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Nation Building

June 24, 2014

Sen. Sanders talks with MSNBC’s Ed Schultz about the need to invest in U.S. infrastructure. “A $1 trillion investment in highway infrastructure here in the U.S. would create 13 million jobs,” said Sanders.

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Fair Wages Now

May 13, 2014

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U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders Speaks In Northampton (Audio)

May 12, 2014

Listen here. NORTHAMPTON — The Progressive Democrats of America have kicked off their tenth anniversary celebration with a public dialog featuring U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and John Nichols, Washington correspondent for The Nation magazine. Speaking Friday evening to a packed house at the First Churches, the senator from Vermont discussed economic inequality, money in politics, […]

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